How to make friends at church

by | May 23, 2017 | Faith, Ministry | 2 comments

Fellowship is one of the core values of the New Testament church, so it makes sense that one of the worst feelings is going to church and not having any friends there. If that’s how you feel, you’re not alone. I’ve been there numerous times over the years and will be the first to admit that it’s an awful feeling.

Friendship cannot be manufactured, but there are several ways to get to know women in your church and lay the groundwork for future relationships. In this video, I share just a few things that have worked for me, and I truly hope they help you as well.

What else would you add to the list? How have you made friends at church?


  1. Liz Crowell

    I love your ideas for making friends at church & I have tried a few of them and they really do work. Another thing that I do is that I read the prayer requests in our I-Connect Class, then I may send a card, give them a call, or send them a text. Expressing an interest in others creates opportunities for friendships to grow.

    • Emily E. Ryan

      So true Liz! Those little notes go a long way – especially hand-written ones! I once got a note from a friend that included Scripture cards. It was so sweet!


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