Emily Ryan is a “woman sent from God” as a blessing to all who are touched by her life.  Her writing, speaking and creativity are second to none.  I have been her pastor for over thirty years and have witnessed God use her not only on the platform but also in every area of her spirit-filled life.  Those who are touched by her ministry will be encouraged to be more like Jesus.

Dr. John D. Morgan

Senior Pastor, Sagemont Church, Houston, Texas

We at Sagemont have been blessed to welcome Emily on multiple occasions.  She has done many things for us – from our women’s Holiday event attended by 1,000 +, where she wrote, organized, and taught an hour-long musical program, all the way to leading small group Bible study discussions where she meets ladies right where they are.  The Sagemont women relate to her so well and enjoy their time with Emily!  We will continually have her back at Sagemont!  
My personal favorite thing that Emily does is share her gift of writing. It’s like she’s sitting next to me having a conversation over coffee.  Her book Guilt-Free Quiet Times helped me overcome the legalistic ideas I had put on myself about what my quiet time had to look like.  It is something I love to share with ladies because I know God will touch them as well through Emily’s writing. 
Betsy Thompson

Women's Minister, Sagemont Church, Houston, Texas